Students help with phobias

Students at CPHT Leeds Hypnotherapy Training have just learnt the four- session process of getting rid of nuisance phobias.  For the first seven months of their training they offer free hypnotherapy while they gain the necessary experience to be become competent and confident. They have been advertising for people who have phobias and they have been inundated with requests. They are now helping get rid of flying phobias, needle phobias and dog phobias, to name just a few. 

Having a phobia is very common; in fact, it’s fundamentally human to be scared of things that are potentially dangerous. But, we have also the capacity of developing a fear of things that are benign, like paper (papyrophobia) and strange patterns (trypophobia). Although the fear is real, the person often is aware that the phobia is not logical. Our clients will often say ‘I know I shouldn’t be afraid but I am’. 

The students are taught by watching the tutors, Jenny and Cathy, do a live demonstration in the classroom. This year, student Jennifer wanted to get rid of her fear of being a passenger in a car. During the hypnosis session with Jennifer, Cathy got her to visualise travelling to Italy as a passenger in a car.  Jennifer was able to see the situation differently, without over exaggerating the risk. ‘We are able to destroy the phobic template and therefore change behaviour’ comments’ Cathy Eland (Senior tutor).

‘Our Clients are often relieved to learn that there are ways to help them and it is something that can often be addressed quickly. It is a very powerful technique’ says Jenny Mellenchip (Senior Tutor).

If you would like to learn how to hypnotise people and build your own Hypnotherapy business, why not join us in March in Liverpool CPHT Hypnotherapy Training. It is a wonderful learning experience and fun too.

Furthermore, if you also have a phobia and would like one of students to help you get rid of it, free of charge, then please get in touch with Cathy or Jenny on 07825 047849 / 07748 511841.

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